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Orson Outdoors

Kiwis love the outdoors and there are lots of us using tents for different outdoor activities … casual weekend campers, festival goers, hikers and trampers, backpackers, cyclists, hunters, 4x4 off roaders, scouts and school groups. Intents Outdoors has been sourcing and importing tents since 2010 with thousands of satisfied customers. With our knowledge, experience and input from users we have developed our own Orson Outdoors range of quality, NZ designed hiking and camping tents and tarps.

We work closely with our manufacturers meaning we’re on top of the latest trends and developments in tent design and materials. Orson tents are made with a focus on using high performance, quality materials like Ripstop polyester, silnylon and canvas, and light but strong aluminium and inflatable air poles. ORSON’s mission is simple – to produce top quality, durable, tough tents that can handle the challenges nature (and adventurers) throws at them.

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