Orson Skyline Ultralight Tarp - 3x3m, 550g, 20D Ripstop Silnylon

Model: Brown
Sale price$229.99


The Orson Skyline 3x3 ultralight tarp is a versatile tarp ideal for providing that extra bit of shelter. Made from strong yet lightweight 20D Ripstop Silnylon with a waterproof rating of PU3000mm with taped seams and almost 9sqm coverage. Great for hammock users, minimalist camping or those looking to provide a bit of extra shelter for the campsite.

Easy to carry with ultralight weight of 550g and a very compact packed size. A handy no fuss piece of gear to giving you lots of options to pitch and use as a standalone shelter or extra covered living area. 

Has 19 reinforced tie out points giving you multiple options for set up. Comes with line locks attached at 6 tie outs making it easy to get a taut pitch - one at each end of the ridgeline and at the four corners.

Optional 20m length of 2mm red rope with reflector strip, 70g, $9 (not included unless ordered)

*No poles, rope or pegs included - check out our range of rope and pegs or our 2m telescopic carbon fibre tarp poles or 1.8m ultralight carbon fibre tarp poles


  • Colours: Green or Green-Brown
  • Size: 290cm x 300cm
  • Tarp only weight 550g, drawstring bag 15g
  • Packed size: approx 25 x 12 x 5cm
  • Tie outs: 19 tie outs - 16 around perimeter and 3 in middle
  • Line locks attached to 6 tie outs - 4 corners and 1 at each end of the ridgeline
  • Material: 20D Ripstop silnylon (silicon top coating one side and PU coating on the other)
  • Waterproofing: PU3000mm with taped seams
  • Optional Rope: 20m x 2mm red rope with reflector strip, weight 70g
  • Pegs/Poles: NOT included


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