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Soto Amicus Stove + Cookset Combo


The high-end performance, low-cost AMICUS Stove is lightweight, compact and shock resistant and has a Stealth Igniter installed inside the burner post to improve ignition and prevent breakage. The unique raised ledge at the crown of the burner head and the concave burner surface means this stove has excellent performance...
Soto Navigator 2-Piece Cookset, 608g


Multi-functional cookware. SOTO’s new ultra-hard anodised aluminium cook set excels in shock resistance, wearability and corrosiveness compared to conventional sulphuric anodised pot. Solo cookware for a day trip Medium size for a group Combine parts as needed Lightweight aluminum Deep anodizing treatment for strength Shock resistant and corrosion resistant The...
Soto Titanium Foldable Pocket Spork


Long-handle spork with extra large 'bowl' end to get a real mouthful. Ultra-light spork weighs 22g Long folding handle for compact stowing Ultra-light spork with titanium deep 'bowl' spork Ergonomically designed strong, stainless steel handle end Made in Japan SPECS Spork "Bowl": Titanium Handle: Stainless Steel Size: In Use: 186...

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