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Reactor Thermolite Sleeping Bag Liner


Description Sea to Summit's most popular sleeping bag liner! The Reactor is made from 80g/m² THERMOLITE®—the lightest weight THERMOLITE® fabric available. THERMOLITE® is a hollow core fibre that provides amazing warmth for its weight and remains extremely breathable. The Reactor adds up to 8°C of warmth to your sleeping bag...
Reactor Compact Plus Sleeping Bag Liner


Description The Reactor Compact Plus sleeping bag liner can increase sleeping bag performance by up to 11°C using dual-weight Thermolite® fabric. 80g/m² material is combined with panels of 110g/m² Thermolite® fabric in the core body and foot box areas, for greater warmth where it has the most benefit. Uses ergonomic mummy design...
Reactor Extreme Sleeping Bag Liner


Description The THERMOLITE® Reactor Extreme sleeping bag liner uses our super insulating 110g/m3 to seriously increase sleeping bag performance. The spacious design is slightly tapered from head to foot to reduce weight and increase thermal efficiency, and the drawcord hood can be cinched down for extra warmth when required. This...

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