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Ultralight Titanium 15.5cm Tent Pegs - 5g


* Price is $5 per stake Ultralight Titanium Tent Pegs are a great option for trampers, hunters, bikepackers, etc. who have to carry their load and are looking for a simple way to reduce weight. Titanium pegs are really light yet strong and will not rust. A perfect solution to lighten...
Titanium Ultralight Tent Pegs - 13cm, 1.8g


Price is $3 per peg Ultralight Titanium tent stakes weighing just 1.8g each, for serious ultralight users looking to reduce weight load to a bare minimum. Suitable for use on softer ground with ultralight tents and shelters. Measures 13xm long x 2mm diameter. Titanium is a strong, light weight metal...
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Tent Pegs - Titanium Nail Tent Stakes 16cm


Titanium tent pegs are top of the range. These nail stakes are made from quality titanium, have a flat head and strong construction meaning you can whack them into ground that would normally destroy other tent stakes. Also come with reflective cords for easier removal and greater visibility. Weigh 15...
Tent Pegs - Aluminium Y Stakes 18cm


Price is $2.40 per peg Aluminium ‘Y’ stakes give great holding power and the Y cross section increases strength. These are a great way to upgrade any standard tent pegs. Come with pull cords for easy removal. Available in red, measuring 18cm in length and weighing 14 grams each. PLEASE...
Tent Pegs - Aluminium Needle Stakes


$2 per peg. Strong aluminium needle stakes are ideal for hikers and trampers looking to minimize the weight they carry. These stakes are lightweight but strong, flat on four sides 5mm in width. Each stake measures 15.5cm in length and weighs 9 grams. Please note - these come loose (unpacked)...
Tent Pegs - Sand Pegs / Snow Pegs 23cm


Price is $3 per stake Sand stakes (or Snow stakes) are handy for use in loose sandy ground or snow. The U shape and broad surface help the keep a firm hold where traditional stakes would be easily pulled out. Made of hardened aluminium with holes to add grip and...

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