Ultralight Titanium 15.5cm Tent Pegs - 5g

Model: Intents Tent Acc Peg Titanium 5gm
Sale price$6.00


* Price is $6 per stake

Ultralight Titanium Tent Pegs are a great option for trampers, hunters, bikepackers, etc. who have to carry their load and are looking for a simple way to reduce weight. Titanium pegs are really light yet strong and will not rust.

A perfect solution to lighten your tent/shelter set up and make it easier on the body or carry more food.

  • Quality titanium 15.5cm long by 3mm diameter
  • Weigh approx 5.2g per stake.
  • Red top to make spotting them easier
  • Hooked for easy use

*Strong enough for most ground but probably not suitable if you're gonna be bashing them into solid rock and more suitable for easier weather conditions.

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