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Shadow 2x3m Tarp, 660g, 13 Tie Outs, Waterproof + Durable


A hardworking, durable 2x3m Polyester camping tarp great for providing extra cover from sun and rain, or as a shelter for the minimalist camper. Multiple setups possible with 13 tie out points. Handy piece of kit to have around. 200 x 292cm = 5.84 sqm coverage Fully waterproof with PU3000mm rating...
Shadow 3x3m Tarp, 21 Tie Outs, 950g, Waterproof + Durable


Durable, versatile 3x3m tarp, great for use with hammocks, campers, ultralight users, hunters. Great protection from the elements - durable, hardworking and waterproof.    Can be set up in multiple ways with 21 strong webbing loop tie out points - 16 around the perimeter, 3 along the ridgeline and 2...
Shadow 3x4m, 23 tie outs, 1.2kg, Waterproof, Durable


A strong, waterproof and versatile tarp. Great for use with hammocks, campers, ultralight users, hunters.      23 webbing loops (16 loops around the perimeter and 7 central loops) to set up the tarp in multiple ways. With central loops, hanging the tarp from overhead is easy and you can raise...
Shadow 4x4m Tarp, 1.5kg, Waterproof, Durable


Big 4m x 4m camping tarp. Great for easy set up of 16sqm large covered area when out camping to create a communal living area sheltering from the elements. Durable, waterproof with multiple set up options with 23 tie out points and central loops make it easy to raise any...

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