Sea To Summit Waterproof Pack Liner

Model: 90L Green APLL
Sale price$39.00


The Waterproof Pack Liner opens wide for easy packing and unpacking when inside a pack. Water-resistant to keep contents of pack dry. Tough fabric ideal for hunters who use their packs to transport game.
  • 70D coated nylon pack liner
  • Non-wicking roll-top closure with stiffener at the top
  • Hook and loop throat for excess roll top
  • Double stitched, tape sealed
  • <90L pack


Capacity: 50L Small yellow, 70L Medium yellow, 90L Large green
Dimensions:            (Oval base) x height:
                                (49 x 16) x 79cm (Small)
                                (51 x 20) x 90cm (Medium)
                                (55 x 25) x 122cm (Large)
Average Weight:  232g (Small), 272g (Medium), 376g (Large)
Made From 70D nylon

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