Sawyer Family Insect Repellent 118ml

Model: Sawyer Family Insect Repellent 118ml
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Sawyer Premium Controlled Release Insect Repellent significantly reduces the rate of DEET absorption by 67% per application, and extends the duration of its effectiveness.

This 20% DEET lotion is a family friendly formula which controls the evaporation of DEET, allowing it to protect you up to 11 hours, in the backcountry, family camping trips or in the backyard.


• Odorless, non-greasy, and perspiration resistant lotion
• Designed to be compatible with the use of sunscreen
• Effective against ticks and ALL mosquitoes including those carrying West Nile Virus.
• EPA-approved formula controls DEET exposure
• Use in conjunction with Sawyer® Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment, for double protection
• 20% DEET formula
• Always use as directed


Volume: 118ml (4oz)
Active Ingredient: Deet(20%)
Application Method: Lotion

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