Gear Aid Down Cleaner For Sleeping Bags

Model: Gear Aid Down Cleaner For Sleeping Bags
Sale price$23.99


Restore loft and warmth to down jackets, vests, and sleeping bags. Gently removes dirt and oils without affecting plumes. A 296ml pouch washes 10 jackets.

  • Gentle Cleaner  Water-based formula is safe to use on all down garments and gear; keeping it clean naturally
  • Maximizes Loft – Enhances performance of down insulation and water repellent treated down like DownTek insulation for continued warmth and comfort
  • Concentrated – One 296ml pouch cleans up to 10 jackets or 5 sleeping bags for an economical solution to maintaining down gear 
  • Fragrance-Free  No added perfumes, softeners or optical brighteners that hinder performance
  • Multipurpose – Use it to restore loft to sleeping bags, coats, vests, booties, or parkas with down blends or treated down


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