Ultralight 130cm Carbon Fibre Tent Pole 85g

Model: Orson Tent Acc Pole Odyssey Carbon Fibre 130cm
Sale price$69.99



Lightweight 85g carbon fibre poles great for use with the four Odyssey ultralight tent. Tired of carrying extra weight? This is one way to reduce weight and make your camping experience easier. 

  • Perfect for use with ultralight tents that require a trekking pole to set up, lighter than aluminium poles and trekking poles.
  • Made from high-quality rigid reinforced 3K wrapped carbon fiber tube.
  • Shock corded with end caps and removable rubber foot on base. 
  • Total weight 95g (pole 85g + removable rubber foot 10g)
  • Total length 130cm
  • Folds down to 4 sections 35.5cm long
  • Includes velcro strap to hold sections together when folded
  • Also available in 115cm and 120cm lengths

*Price is per pole


  • 11mm diameter rigid 3K carbon fibre tube (not designed to bend)
  • 130cm total length,
  • 4 x 35.5cm long sections 
  • Pole 85g, removable rubber foot 10g

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