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Sea To Summit Stretch Knit Expander Sleeping Bag Liner, Rectangular Shape, 310g


The Expander sleeping bag liner is made from a premium stretch knit poly-cotton, making it super stretchy and even warmer than a standard cotton weave liner. The stretch properties allow the Expander to move with you as you sleep, vastly increasing comfort and minimising twists and tangles. The anti-microbial treatment...
Sea To Summit Comfort Light Insulated Air Mat, R-value 3.7, Reg 640g, Long 755g

$329.99 from $319.00

  The Comfort Light™ Insulated Mats use a hybrid layer technology to achieve comfort, minimal weight, insulation and durability.  Comfy and warm with R-value 3.7 insulation for use in cooler temps. Two sizes ... Regular - 184 x 55 x 6.3cm weighing 640g Long 2- 01 x 64 x 6.3cm weighing...
STS Women's Comfort Light™ Insulated Mat, 555g

$319.99 $319.00

  Specifically designed and engineered for women, you get it all with the women’s Comfort Light™ Insulated Mat: comfort, minimal weight, insulation and durability. The Women’s Comfort Light Air Sprung Cell Insulated mat features a women’s specific shape that is wider at the hip and narrower at the shoulder. Well...
Mosquito Pyramid Net – Double, 350g

$54.99 $54.00

Description The Mosquito Pyramid Net Shelter is a portable mosquito net ideal for trekking, travelling and wilderness camping. These shelters provide essential protection against mosquitoes, sandflies and other bugs over your cot, sleeping pad or mattress.     The “pyramid” net shelter has a unique tent-style design, which maximises coverage...

Showing: 49 - 52 of 52

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