Ultrapack SW vs Ultrapack DW

2019 Ultrapack SW vs. Ultrapack DW

The Intents Outdoors Ultrapack SW (single wall) and Ultrapack DW (double wall) tents are two of our best sellers. Popular with outdoors people who are mobile and have to carry all their gear - hikers, hunters and bikepackers, etc. No glamping tent, but we’ve designed them to be

  • reliable and handle NZ’s changeable weather
  • ultralight in weight to make your load lighter
  • easy to carry with small volume when packed
  • used with a trekking pole or our aluminium or ultralight carbon fibre poles
  • simple to set up and take down
  • affordable

2019 is the fifth year we’ve offered the Ultrapack SW. Every year we make improvements based on user feedback. The DW version came in 2017, in answer to calls for a bit more room inside, and greater ability to handle condensation in cold, still conditions. Both are the same basic design, same ultralight 20D Ripstop Nylon, mesh and PU3000mm waterproof fly and floor, small foot pole, rope, line locks and pegs.

Ultrapack improvements for 2019

  • SW/DW - Improved guy rope set up at foot so easier to get the ridgeline taut and hold its shape better
  • SW/DW - Top point of the tent has a loop on the outside to secure a guy rope(s) from for better support, or to secure to a ridgeline so as tent can be used without a pole   
  • SW/DW - New improved inner mesh fabric is more robust and less likely to snag, new improved zips
  • SW/DW - Added an extra peg to allow door to be set open to improve ventilation
  • DW - Inner tent now attaches to outer fly using clips – means it can be left attached to the fly for easier, faster pitching
  • DW - Inner tent floor is secured to outer fly pegs using rope and line locks, making set up easier and reducing number of pegs needed



We have tried to make a tent that fits most users’ needs. SW packed weight is now around 700g and DW around 900g – that’s everything included. For serious gram counters weight can be reduced further removing zip pulls, pole end pockets, and the storage pocket inside the tent, shortening or removing guy ropes and line locks. You can also substitute ultralight titanium stakes and use a carbon fibre pole (or leave the pole at home - use a stick or ridgeline).

Differences between the Ultrapack SW and DW?

  • SW is for those who have weight as top priority. Single wall hybrid, smaller interior, any condensation will be inside the tent (prevention is key).
  • DW is a bit heavier with complete separate inner tent and fly. Inner tent is 5cm little longer than SW but there is a gap between inner and fly so you have more room than the SW and are less likely to come into contact with outer fly. Also has better ventilation to handle condensation.


SW – single wall

DW – double wall


700g (excl main pole)

900g (excl main pole)

Packed size app

25 x 10cm

27 x 11cm

Inner size

210cm long x 50cm wide at foot / 80cm wide at shoulder x 110cm max height

215cm long x 50cm wide at foot / 80cm wide at shoulder x x 115cm max height

Pole height required





Both the SW and DW have been really popular - ultimately it’s a personal choice. Everyone has their own goals, priorities and uses. Some want weight as low as possible. Others don’t mind a little more to get a few more comforts. Go for something that works for you. At Intents Outdoors we have a range of ultralight and lightweight tents that should fit your needs. Still unsure? Ask us if you have any questions.

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