Orson roof top tent

What are the advantages of roof top tents? Are there any disadvantages? Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons to help you know if they're right for you. Then check out answers to a lot of common questions for people considering one of our Orson Roof Top Tents. 


What are the advantages of a roof top tent?

  • Mobility – Great for a road trip. The perfect adventure on the road if you’re moving from place to place. Set up wherever your vehicle can go. Top choice for people who often head out for weekend trips, surfers moving from beach to beach, 4x4 enthusiasts and anyone looking for a bit of adventure and fun.
  • Quick and easy set up – park and your tent can be set up in a few minutes. Another 10 minutes to set up the annex if required.
  • Comfort – sleeping on a luxurious double mattress up off the ground for a great night’s sleep. And leave your bedding in the tent when you pack up.
  • Durable – made of tougher, more durable and longer lasting weatherproof materials (like canvas, steel and aluminium tread plate) compared to ground tents which often focus on being light and portable.
  • Off ground – like your own tree house - no mud or flooding, catches breezes for ventilation.
  • Frees up storage space in vehicle – having the tent on the roof means you have more space in your vehicle for other gear.
  • Security – up off the ground makes things less accessible to animals and people.
  • Cheaper than RV – enjoy some of the comforts and mobility of an RV on a budget.

Are there any negative points to think about?

  • You can’t drive off to the nearest shops if the tent is set up. If you’re planning on camping in one spot for a long time that’s not so convenient. Bring your bike.
  • Getting the tent on and off the roof – a tent weighs about 60kg so will require 2 strong people to lift it up on and off. I leave mine on the vehicle for the whole camping season.
  • Road handling – affects the centre of gravity on your vehicle and fuel efficiency but nothing too noticeable.
  • Height – the height of the tent may make some parts difficult to access – I keep a small folding chair handy.
  • Higher cost – more expensive than a ground tent.


What’s the verdict?

The pros far outweigh the cons. Having one on my roof, that's my opinion. We've made a lot of planned trips and spur of the moment overnighters when the sun has come out. A roof top tent will open you up to a whole lot of new adventures. The feedback from our customers has been ‘Absolutely love it!’ Roll on summer.

If you're still not sure about a roof top tent then contact us at Intents Outdoors and we'll do our best to help out with any info or advice you might need. 


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