New Tents and Trends on the way

We used to spend our holidays in the same spot for a couple of weeks every year but now it seems we're on the go, haven't got that much time and keen to move on before setting up camp again, visiting friends and seeing the sights. As our camping habits are changing there's no surprise that tents are changing as well to fit in with our more mobile, busier lifestyles. 

I recently returned from a trip to Sydney's Outdoor Retailer Australia trade show and China to see several manufacturers to take a look at what new tents and camping gear is coming onto the market. Some interesting trends are headed our way with a large range of roof top tents, vehicle awnings and canvas swags, a range of tents using inflatable air poles to simplify setting up and a big number of products related to ultralight camping including tents, hammocks and tarps, air pads and so on. 

No surprises that the humble tent hasn't been reinvented but that new technology is changing what they're made of ... cuben fibre, silnylon, cotton polyester blended canvas, titanium, aluminium alloys are improving performance while reducing weight and volume. Camping is alive and well and popularity seems to be greater than ever! The upshoot of all this means we now have a huge choice of tents to choose from that specialize in every aspect of camping. There's a tent for every purpose these days.

And so this year I'll be stocking more international brands and also directly importing a new range of gear and tents especially ... 

  • light weight, low volume ultralight and hikers tents
  • tarps and lightweight poles 
  • inflatable air pole tents, family and canvas tents
  • event shelters and screen houses
  • roof top tents and vehicle awnings

 Keep an eye out for our new products arriving this spring! 



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