Advice on Looking for Tents for Sale and NZ Ideal Camp Sites for Camping Rookies

With an abundance of scenic camping grounds scattered all throughout New Zealand, it’s no wonder both locals and tourists alike camp out all year round. Camping is such a huge part of the famous NZ cultural identity. In fact, according to Tourism New Zealand’s chief executive, backpackers and campers contribute greatly to the country’s economy. This is why the government is going to great lengths to preserve and protect designated campsites and even those in the more remote locations through the Department of Conservation. By extension, this agency is also tasked to care for the beautiful indigenous plants, unique and endangered animal species as well as sites of historical significance.

If you are set on going outdoors, you will need to have a quality camping tent and local knowledge.

Popular Campgrounds

Backpackers and budget campers will definitely want to take advantage of the many free-of-charge areas where “freedom camping” is permitted. But you need to be on the lookout for camping restriction signs and learn more about “freedom camping” rules if you don’t want to incur an infringement fee. For instance, some sites don’t allow camping unless you’re in a certified self-contained vehicle and a have proper means to dispose of your waste. Before you head out, make sure to look up regulations for specific locations.

Lake Karapiro is one of the most popular destinations for campers who want to try out watersports as it’s well known as a world-class rowing venue. It’s a 21 km-long lake located downstream of the famed Waikato River in the North Island. Driving along the dam, built in 1947, will give you the best views of the lake. It’s also just a short distance from the Lord of the Rings Hobbiton Movie Set if you want to stop by there before or after to do a little sightseeing.

There’s also the Fiordland National Park in the South Island with its stunning landscape of jagged peaks, great lakes and fiords, famed walking tracks and lush forests. The spectacular scenery will take your breath away and you’ll know why the park has international World Heritage status.

You can also head to the plentiful private camp sites and holiday parks where amenities like toilets, showers and clean drinking water are provided. They’re found at popular spots throughout the country and even in the middle of the cities like the one at Auckland’s Takapuna Beach. They’ve got something for everyone, with cabins, sites for campervans and tent sites for car campers and backpackers.

Camping Tents

If you want to try out the full outdoor experience, you’ll want to forgo hotel or backpackers for a few days and look at finding tents for sale in NZ. But you cannot just grab the first tent you see on a shelf. Tents that hold up well against New Zealand’s diverse and changing weather conditions will serve you best. If you’re just starting out, a light weight, easy to set up polyester tent is a great first option, but be sure to take into account some considerations.

In New Zealand it’s not uncommon to experience ‘four seasons in one day’ and so your tent should provide adequate protection from the elements, with high enough waterproof ratings to keep out the rain and yet also have enough ventilation to allow airflow on hotter days. You’ll need to consider waterproof ratings, fly and floor fabrics, pole materials and tent designs when looking for a tent that is able to stand up to windy conditions that prevail throughout the country.

And you need to take into account the type of camping you want to do and finding a tent that will meet your needs and demands of your trip. Family campers and car campers might look for big tents with multiple rooms, size and comfort, easy set up and take down. Roof top tents are great for 4x4 enthusiasts and campers on a road trip, driving from one place to another while taking in the sights. On the other hand, the priority for trampers and hikers will be a tent that is compact and light in weight yet still perform well in tough conditions.    

If you wish to find out more about tent and camping needs that are right for you and the conditions you’ll be facing or you’d like more info on places to go, email Len at and he will be happy to assist you.


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