Tarp By Stream & Waterfall

“I’ve already got a tent, so why get a tarp?” A camping tarp, hoochie, or fly is a simple piece of gear but has multiple benefits and uses. Tarps are usually square, rectangular or hex cut pieces of fabric with tie out points. Great to use with a tent and for some, instead of a tent. They are really adaptable and have lots of uses - an essential bit of camping gear to keep handy. Yeah, nah? Here are 15 reasons to get a tarp (there’s probably heaps more) to make your next camping adventure even better.   

  1. Weather protection. A tarp offers great protection from the elements. Set one up for easy cover in the rain, shelter from the wind or shade from summer sun.
  2. They’re very spacious. You get a bit claustrophobic in a tent, small spaces and walls inches from your face. Not so under a tarp, set it as high or low as you want.
  3. Easy access. There’s easy entry all around, no doors and zips to fiddle around with. Easy to get up in the night for quick loo trips too.
  4. Great views. All the beauty of nature is on display.
  5. Ventilation. Great ventilation with none of that damp, stuffy, humid air that you often get in a confined tent space. And with great airflow no condensation problems.
  6. Waterproof. They’re waterproof and a good sized tarp will keep you and your gear dry from rain and dew.
  7. Simple. They are durable and no fuss. No bits and pieces to assemble (or lose) and can be set up easily using what you find in the surroundings. 
  8. Lightweight. They weigh less than a tent and are easy to carry.
  9. Compact. They’re small and compact when packed but can cover a large area.
  10. Cost. They’re way cheaper than a tent! Great if you’re on a budget.
  11. Adventure. Tarps take you back to basics, get down with nature and turn up the adventure (stay safe though!).
  12. Challenge. If you’re a minimalist camper and using a tarp, you’ll learn how to camp in different ways with a tarp and start thinking outside the box.
  13. Back up gear. A tarp is great for back up or emergency. Easy to carry and multiple uses. 
  14. Great compliment to a tent. Tarps work well with tents. Having a tarp means you can get away with a smaller tent as many of a tent’s functions can be covered by a tarp. Tent for sleeping, tarp for all your other activities.
  15. Versatility. Last but not least tarps have lots of uses and ways they can be set up.  Eg. hammock tarp, minimalist shelter instead of a tarp, covered living or cooking area, sunshade, windbreak, extra waterproof layer over your tent or footprint under your tent, … only limited by your imagination.

So what are you waiting for? Try out a tarp and see for yourself.

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