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STS Women's Ultralight Insulated Mat, 480g, R-value 3.5

$229.99 $229.00

  Specifically designed and engineered for women - the Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Mat is shaped and insulated to provide comfort and warmth for a better night's sleep. Insulated with R Value 3.5, easily inflated (pumpsack included) and deflates quickly with multi-finction valve, and easy to carry ultralight weight. Two sizes...
Klymit Rapid Air Roll-Top Pad Pump for Flat Valves

$69.00 $63.00

There are multiple reasons to use an air pump instead of your lungs. Reducing condensation inside your sleeping pad will make it last longer. You might be flat-out exhausted after a long hike. Or maybe you just ate a huge burrito. We’ve got you covered with Rapid Air Pump options...
Comfort Deluxe Self Inflating Sleeping Mat - Regular Wide

$299.99 $289.00

Imagine a sleeping mat so comfortable, you forgot you weren't sleeping in your bed at home. With 10cm vertical side walls, and a flat sleeping surface thanks to our Delta Core™ foam technology, this is as close to a conventional mattress you'll get while still being able to fit other...

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